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Moyer Electronics was offering UHF communications in the personal radio service under Part 95 since the early 1980’s old Class A and now GMRS (General Mobile Radio Service). This technology is the same as used by police, fire and commercial radio services. Unlike the old Citizen Band service that was plagued by noise and illegal users, GMRS is a reliable and cost effective service allowing clear communications with family and friends using commercial radios with up to 50 watts of power and also able to utilize local repeaters within the area. We also are offering pre-owned equipment at very reasonable prices. As with all of our radios, programming and testing is part of the package when you purchase from Moyer Electronics.

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Those interested in the public’s GMRS (General Mobile Radio Service-Part 95) will find that many of the older crystal and synthesized radios on the market are the perfect choice to obtain low cost, quality equipment. The license for GMRS is $65.00 for 5 years, no testing, no FCC coordination fees, just submit the required information and the whole family, including children (at home and away-no matter the age), parents, grandparents, uncles, aunts, are all covered under the same license. Since the GMRS band is not part of the January 1st, 2013 mandate that all radios be Narrow-Band compliant, this means many of the older radios from commercial (Part 90), public safety (such as police, fire, medical, and government) that had to be retired is a benefit to the UHF GMRS frequencies. The Wide-Band radios are still allowed under the GMRS band.

Vertex Standard Personal Communications GMRS Sales and ServicesAccessories such as speakermics, antennas, batteries, cases and other items for all the major brands of radios from Vertex, Harris, Motorola, iCom, Kenwood and other major brands.

Antennas from Browning, Tram as a cost effective solution as well as other antenna manufactures, from portable antennas, mobile antennas or infrastructure including hardline, connectors and antennas.

We also offer MURS radios on the VHF-HI band at 2 watts to allow your family or small business local communications of 1 to 3 miles. These aren’t the big store, bubble pack radios but radios made to last for years to come.

Check Out Our New and Used GMRS Radio Selection

We also will repair your GMRS radios, be it Vertex Standard, Motorola, Midland or any of the other manufactures. We have programming software and hardware for most any radio on the market, be it wideband or narrow band capable.

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