Moyer Electronics provides the following services in the 2-way radio communications field:

Law Enforcement CommunicationMoyer Electronics provides in-house repair services of 2-way radio equipment, programming and installation. From maintaining portables to in-depth police and fire radio and console installations, to lighting and emergency lighting of commercial vehicles, Moyer Electronics understands the installation process.

On-Site repairs of base and repeater systems, remote consoles and servicing of equipment that can’t be brought to the shop, Moyer Electronics has a team ready to serve you today.

Public Safety needs for Law Enforcement covering complete systems such as base/repeater setups covering complete counties or cities using field tested, field proven Vertex Standard radios. In house and on-site installations and repairs. Learn more about our Public Safety Communication Services.

Fire and Medical communications is the link to saving lives and protecting fire and medical personnel. Moyer Electronics has been involved in providing second to none Fire and Medical communications. In house and on-site installations and repairs. Learn more about the services we offer the Fire and Medical Field.

Local Government and Municipalities still need service and reliable communications. Discover how Moyer Electronics save local and government and municipalities money and still provide the services they need. In house and on-site installations and repairs. Learn more about Local and Municipal Communication Services.

Commercial Communications rely on just in time deliveries and job site changes. From transportation companies such as trucking and taxis, farming and the agricultural needs within the community to small events or retail operations that need handheld radios. In house and on-site installations and repair Moyer Electronics analyzes and is your shop for the needs of your Commercial Communications.

Personal Communications isn’t just about cellphones. Moyer Electronics was leading the way before others in our area entered the personal communications market.

General Mobile Radio Service is the general public’s solution to alternate communications when cell service is down or a family wants to save money over time. In house and on-site installations and repairs. Learn how Personal Communications Services from Moyer Electronics can help you and your family.