Vertex Standard Two-Way Mobile Radios

Vertex 3 Year Factory WarrantyVertex Standard’s powerful line of mobile two-way radios are built to take harsh environments and operate in the best and worst conditions. Vertex Standard’s conventional/analog VX-Series and the digital EVX-Series of VHF-HI and UHF mobile two-way radios take the chores of Farming, Construction and Transportation workers day in and day out. Giving extended range in those hard to reach locations.

When Public Safety needs communications, the Vertex Standard line of professional two-way mobile radios will ensure that Law Enforcement has the proper tools to communicate with other officers in the field and to their dispatch centers during times of crisis and normal daily communications. The same reliability is there for Fire and Medical teams needing a durable two-way radio mobile.

Moyer Electronics is an Authorized Vertex Standard Two-Way Radio Dealer as well as a Authorized Warranty Center, when you purchase a Vertex Standard mobile radio, you know with the 3 Year Warranty and with our quick service turn around time, normally once received they are repaired within 24 hours you know your team can be back in action with little down time.

Vertex Standard Conventional/Analog Mobile Two-Way Radios

Vertex Standard Digital Mobile Two-Way Radios