Vertex Standard Mobile Microphones

Vertex Standard mobile microphones for all the VX and EVX Series mobiles. From rugged Public Safety needs to job-site construction operations. Weather-proof, moisture-proof for fire and wet environments to transportation needs such as taxis and trucks as well as heavy construction equipment. Check out the complete line of Vertex Standard mobile mics.

Select your Vertex Standard Conventional/Analog VX-Series Mobile Microphones.

Vertex Standard VX-2100 Series Two-Way Mobile
VX-2100 Series Microphones
Vertex Standard VX-2200 Series Conventional Mobile Radio
VX-2200 Series Microphones
Vertex Standard VX-4600 Series Conventional/Analog Mobile Radio
VX-4600 Series Microphones
Vertex Standard VX-5000 Series Conventional Mobile Radios
VX-5500 Series Microphones
VX-6000 Series Mobile Radio
VX-6000 Series Microphones

Select your Vertex Standard P25/Digital DMR VX and EVX-Series Mobile Microphones.

Vertex Standard VX-7200 P25 Mobile
VX-7200 Series Microphones
Vertex Standard EVX-5400 Digital DMR Two-Way Mobile
VX-5300 Series Microphones