Vertex Standard Antennas

Vertex Standard has some of the finest, most durable handheld walkie talkies for the portable radio market. From small compact VHF-Hi and UHF portables to the rugged, full featured digital and P25 portables, the antenna is the next item that will make or break how well of coverage you get.

Check out the complete selection of antennas for replacement or improvements to your portable walkie talkie radio needs.

Select your Vertex Standard Conventional/Analog VX-Series Portable Antenna

Vertex Standard VX-260 Series Portable Radio
VX-260 Series Antennas
Vertex Standard VX-450 Series Portable Radio
VX-450 Series Antennas
Vertex Standard VX-820 Series Portable Radio
VX-820 Series Antennas
Vertex Standard VX-920 Series Portable Radio
VX-920 Series Antennas

Select your Vertex Standard Digital/DMR EVX-Series Portable Antenna

Vertex Standard EVX-260 Series Portable Radio
EVX-260 Series Antennas
Vertex Standard EVX-530 Series Portable Radio
EVX-530 Series Antennas