Vertex Standard EVX-534 Digital DMR Portable
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Vertex Standard EVX-534 Series VHF 136-174 MHz Digital DMR Portable Radio


EVX-534 Digital DMR Portable Two-Way eVerge™ From Vertex Standard

Evolve to Better Communication and Value You can afford to enhance your communications with the digital performance of eVerge™ two-way radios. eVerge™ radios are compact and precision engineered to deliver value without sacrificing quality — giving you more capabilities and the flexibility you need to communicate at your best.

Vertex Standard’s mid-level digital entry VHF portables offer Public Safety entities such as Police, Fire, Medical as well as Commercial users the capability to enter the next phase in two-way communications, DIGITAL (also DMR compliant under Motorola).

Discover the advantages of clear communications with Vertex Standards eVerge™ technology today.

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Basic Package comes with standard battery and drop in charger. Select if you require hi-capacity battery and charger or just the radio. We also offer the 403 to 470 MHz or 450-512 Mhz range.


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Product Description

Conversion Made Easy with Analog Integration
eVerge™ radios operate in both analog and digital modes and can be used with any existing analog two-way radios.

Direct Mode
Direct Mode enables you to have two communication paths on a single frequency effectively doubling your call capacity without the need of a repeater.

Transmit Interrupt
When seconds matter, transmit interrupt allows an operator to halt or “interrupt” any current transmission, in favor of a priority message. Transmit Interrupt functionality ensures your critical messages will connect.

Enhanced Display
The EVX series boasts a robust dot matrix display, allowing up to sixteen characters per screen and as many as forty overall. In addition, the display is functional for use in six different languages, including English, Spanish, Chinese, Russian, Portuguese and Turkish.

Better Radio Call Quality
Digital eliminates noise and static from voice transmit to only deliver the intended voice message crisply and clearly. eVerge™ digital radios feature the AMBE+2™ vocoder for enhanced voice quality.

Better Message Control and Privacy
Control who you call and who gets your message in digital mode. Digital radios each have a unique ID enabling users to select who they need to call or send a text message without including others.

Better Coverage and Connection Monitoring with ARTS II™
Get ultra-clear audio right up to the edge of the transmit range. And, with Vertex Standard’s exclusive Auto-Range Transpond System (ARTS II), you will always know when you are in or out of range with another ARTS II-equipped radio.

Submersible and Weatherproof
Meets international standard IP 57 for dust and water protection where fresh water does not harm the radio when submersed to 3 feet for up to 30 minutes.

Intrinsically Safe Option for Hazardous Locations
Intrinsically safe models are SGS certified to the requirements of ANSI/UL913 5th Edition for use in Class I, II, III, Division 1; Groups C,D,E,F,G; Temp T3C hazardous locations.

Site Roaming
Move between multiple sites seamlessly by using the Site Roaming functionality your EVX-534 series radio. Manually or automatically initiate Site Roaming to identify the signal of the closest site with the strongest signal strength. The EVX-534 portable will dynamically change its pre-programmed home site to the site with the strongest signal in range. Great for operations with multiple locations or multiple floor buildings.

All Vertex EVX-534 Portables come with radio, FNB-V133LI 1380mAh Li-Ion Battery, VAC-UNI Universal Rapid Charger and ATV-16B 136-174 MHz antenna. See additional options above.

VS eVerge EVX-530 Enhanced Spec Sheet